We provide a variety of special testing services at VRA, including fullfield and multifocal ERG, microperimetry, and Octopus kinetic perimetry.

Dr. Jing Zhang is our full-time clinical coordinator and experienced electrophysiologist and perimetrist.

Referring physicians, please call 352-371-2800 to request specialized testing services for your patients.

Specialized services offered at VitreoRetinal Associates:

Electrophysiology Services:

1) Fullfield Ganzfeld ERG: Diagnosys Espion (Dark Adaptometry and EOG also available)

Fullfield Ganzfeld ERG


2) Multifocal ERG: Diagnosys Espion System (excellent for Plaquenil screening)


Multifocal ERG: Diagnosys Espion System

 Visual Fields:

Octopus 900 system: Static and Kinetic Perimetry


Microperimetry: correlates anatomy to function

Nidek MP1-S


Widefield Fluorescein Angiography or Autofluorescence:

Optos – California system


Spectral Domain OCT: (and autofluorescence)

Heidelberg system